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Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)
Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)

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USFS - Avion - No Easy Days - Snakes in the Cockpit on DVD

Military aviation is the most demanding flight envirenment in the world a place where even the smallest decisions mean the difference between life and death, between triumph and tragedy. No Easy Days: Snakes in the Cockpit shows you how true that is. From the inside story of triumphant missions like the awesome, but deadly, Berlin air lift to detailed examinations of one heart-stopping crash after the other, this series is chocked-full of newly declassified footage and all-new, gut-wrenching scenes just discovered by our meticulous researchers.

In this remarkable episode, you'll witness a B-47 crash landing: a B-47 takeoff vrash: B-52 landing with no heart-stopping B-70 accident: the B-52 crash at Goldsboro - and many, all with compleate details from the actual accident reports. Snakes in the Cockpit takes you there on those horrible days when the flight controles are as limp as a snake, the rudder pedals as wothless as its tail. and much much more. 45 minutes,

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Item ID: 9780981475325

DVD Hard Copy: $19.95


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