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Kennedy -  This 1- Starring Martin Sheen (2 Disk Set DVD)
Kennedy - This 1- Starring Martin Sheen (2 Disk Set DVD)

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Dive Travel - Grand Bahama Island with Gary Knapp Divemaster on DVD

Grand Bahama island is just one of over 700, in this tropical Bahama island chain, scattered like jewels across a total of 100,000 square miles, in the Atlantic Ocean. Or to put it in prospective, this region is roughly larger then the entire length of Florida, extending this country over 500 miles. On Grand Bahama island the sea has always provided. The earliest settlers were possibly the Siboney Indians, who lived off conch and fishing, they were stone age people who entered the Caribbean about 4,000 years ago. When the Taino from south America arrived around the time of Jesus Christ, the Siboney disappeared. After the Taino (or island Arawaks) arrived in the Bahamas from Cuba and Hispaniola they created a new culture. They became known as the Lu-ca-yans and occupied the entire islands. When Chrisopher Columbus sighted San Salvador on his first crossing in 1492, there were an estimated 40,000 Lucayans living in the Bahamas with a population of about 4,000 on Grand Bahama island. After the Spanish clamed the island in 1492, there were barely a footprint to be seen on the beaches of Grand Bahama island, The Lucayans were enslaved and transported to work the gold and silver mines if Hisponiola and Cuba. After they stole away the inhabitants, however the Spanish seemed to have completely ignored Grand Bahama island, and up until the mid- nineteenth century it had largely been left alone by the outside world, passed by, as ships came and went through the Caribbean. Records from 1836 show that the populations of the west end numbered only about 370, many of whom abandoned the island for the greater opportunities of Nassau. In 1861 however the flow of people reversed direction and the population of the town virtually doubled overnight. The reason was the American Civil war. The confederate states of America a mere 55 miles away immediately fell under a strict union blockade and embargo getting goods such as sugar, cotton and weapons in and out of the confederacy was essential to the war effort and smugglers operated out of the west end of the islands. As soon as the war ended so did the boom , but the short burst of prosperity set an Important precedent. From then on the history of Grand Bahama Island was intimately tied to that of the United States. Today the islands is mainly into tourism. Only a handful of these islands are inhabited full time making a private island fantasy more accessible than you could possibly imagine. Each island has its own distinctive flavor and brand of hospitality and virtually all are blessed with miles of luxurious beaches with sands ranging from creamy white to rosy pink hues. Airlines and private charters, and Yachts offer travel between these islands. Now lets take a brief tour of Grand Bahama island. Color. ©2008,

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