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Fun To Know: Car Care Tips (DVD)
Fun To Know: Car Care Tips (DVD)

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Hurricane Andrew: 8/24/1992

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August 24, 1992 - Hurricane Andrew slams into South Florida, killing 13 and rendering 250,000 homeless. Thousands of troops deliver food, water and medical supplies to the region, where damage is estimated at $20 billion.

Filmed in S.Dade County, Florida and coastal Louisiana. With scenes from Homestead, Florida City, Cutler Ridge, Perrine, Miami, in Florida and Lafayette, New Iberia, Franklin, in Louisiana.
A pictorial excursion into the heart of Andrew; seen through the lens of famed hurricane photographer/intercepter Richard Horodner.

See it as though you were there:
1. Live-action footage as Andrew came ashore in both Florida and the Gulf Coast.
2. Eerie blue lightning lights up a destructive sky.
3. Ungodly aftermath survey.
4. Complete satellite and radar loops of Andrew's life.
5. Reconnaissance data as the eye crossed the coast.
6. Exclusive inside view of NHC forecasters making crucial decisions.

Run Time: 54 minutes

Item ID: 754309011518

DVD Hard Copy: $19.95


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